(b. Montevideo, Uruguay, 1988)antoniocarrau@gmail.com
ig: @a_carrau

  I was trained in graphic design. Collage, for me, is like an analogue version of Photoshop or Illustrator: I work in layers to build up an image. And unless you paste something you are not leaving marks while trying different positions for an object.

Paper is my main medium. I’ve learnt to create images from paper cuts. Even if I have no idea what to do, I sit at my desk and start cutting papers without any plans. After a while, there's a bunch of papers on the table and things start flowing.

My work comes from observation. Real life, the internet, music, movies, all merged together into one thing. It's a big blurry gray area in which different disciplines mix, and the analog and digital world find each other. Many times I’ve tried to define it but that only stops me; I’ll just rather make the work and let it find its space.

The workspace is really important for my image creation, I can't work in a tidy space. Having a messy desk full of cuts is the best way to get ideas flowing and great for discovering new color pal- ettes. Many of the things that trigger ideas in my work are things I’ve found on the table or going through an old folder, generally stuff that was not done intentionally.

I love creating images, I have no idea where I’m heading.

I Still Don’t Have A Title
Published by Stolen Books
Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Press

CA Magazine
It´s Nice That
The Weird Show
Crack Magazine
Wrap Magazine
Print Club Ltd.

Selected Clients

Universal Music
Hohe Luft Magazine
Gossamer Magazine
Wrap Magazine
The Baffler
The Transmitter

Solo Shows

Solo show at Bisualeko
Montevideo, Uruguay

Selected Group Shows

Typojanchi Biennale - Typography and Objects
Seul, Korea

Centro Cultural España
Montevideo, Uruguay

Estudio Las Estrellas - La Barra, Maldonado, Uruguay. Photograph: Sabrina Srur