Hermès - “Flores del Este”

Silk scarf collaboration

Velvet Skates

Skateboard graphics and sticker designs, 2022.

The Soft Mirage

Album design for Rory McBride, 2021. Ph: Evan Jenkins

Índica Beer

Craft beer labels, 2022. Ph: Sabrina Srur

Hay algo más

Artwork for jigsaw puzzle commissioned by Wrap Magazine, 2021.

Scholastic dreams of forceful machines

Album design for Kvalia, 2021. Ph: Sabrina Srur

In Full Bloom, album cover for Bluewerks Vol.2 commissioned by Astralwerk Records, 2021.

Recycled artwork for the debut EP ‘Collision’ by Sweetie, 2022.

New Reality, album cover, 2022.

It’s Nice That x Spotify

Collage frames to be paired with artist photographs for the Spotify Fresh Finds (Latin) playlist, commissioned by It’s Nice That, 2021.


Double album for Monks Road Social, 2020.

Indica Beer

Labels for Indica beer´s experimental batches. Color stickers containing the information of each batch are included on top of the black and white base labels. 2020.

Out of Bounds

Double album for Monks Road Social, 2019. Ph: Sabrina Srur

Monks Road Social

High resolution close up scans of different parts of the main album artwork used to make the covers for the singles, 2019